Sally Lunn Bread

Apparently, versions of this recipe have been around since the 1700’s. I decided a recipe that was around that long must be good. It seems to be a cross between bread and cake and making it in a tube pan gives it a nice presentation. We ate it with butter and jam. I would definitely make it for guests to go along with a meal. The shape does not lend itself well to sandwiches so it is best served on the side.

3/4 C. milk
1/4 C. warm water
1 pkg. active dry yeast
6 T. butter, softened
3 T. sugar
2 eggs
3 C. flour
1 1/4 t. salt
Shortening or butter to grease the pan.

1. Measure the milk into a small saucpan and warm it over medium-low heat. Turn off the heat.
2.Measure the warm water into a small bowl. Add yeast and stir. Then stir the warm milk into the yeast and water.
3. Combine butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl. Stir them until creamy.
4. Crack 1 egg into the large mixing bowl and beat the mixture. Add the second egg and beat the mixture again.
5. Stir the flour and salt together in the medium mixing bowl.
6. Stir about 1 C. of the flour mixture into the butter and sugar mixture. Then stir in about 1/3 of the yeast mixture.
7. Add more flour and beat the mixture. Then add more yeast and beat again. Continue adding yeast and flour in the same way beating the batter until it is smooth.
8. Cover the large mixing bowl with a clean towel and let the batter rise in a warm place for 1 hour. When the batter has doubled in size, remove the towel. Stir the batter quickly to take out the air.
9. Use paper towels to grease the tube pan or round casserole dish with shortening or butter.
10. Pour the batter into the baking pan. Cover it with the towel. Let it rise for about 30 minutes, or until it has doubled in size. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
11. Remove the towel and bake the bread on the center oven rack for 40-45 minutes.
12. Cool 10 minutes in the pan. Use a butter knife to loosen the bread from the sides of the pan and turn it upside down to remove the bread.

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